Investor visa in Bahrain

Understanding the Investor Visa in Bahrain

Bahrain, with its strategic location in the Gulf region and a thriving business environment, has become a magnet for investors seeking new opportunities. One of the key pathways for foreign investors to participate in the kingdom’s vibrant economy is through the Investor Visa in Bahrain. This visa, designed to attract and facilitate foreign investment, holds immense significance for individuals and businesses looking to make their mark in Bahrain’s diverse market.

An investor visa serves as a golden key that unlocks the doors to Bahrain’s promising landscape. It allows investors from around the world to explore and engage in a wide range of investment opportunities, from real estate ventures to establishing businesses, thereby contributing to the nation’s economic growth. This visa category is an embodiment of Bahrain’s commitment to promoting foreign investment and fostering a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

In the sections that follow, we will delve deeper into the requirements, process, and various types of investor visas available in Bahrain. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a new venture or an established investor seeking to expand your portfolio, understanding the nuances of the Bahraini investor visa is your first step toward a prosperous journey in this vibrant Gulf nation. Let’s explore the opportunities and the path to becoming a part of Bahrain’s success story.

Requirements for Bahrain Investor Visa:

1. Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for an Investor Visa in Bahrain, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Investment Threshold: Applicants must make a significant financial investment in Bahrain. The specific amount may vary depending on the type of investment and can include investments in real estate, businesses, or other approved sectors.

  • Business Activity: Investors should engage in activities that contribute to Bahrain’s economic development and are aligned with the country’s investment priorities.

  • Good Standing: Applicants should have a clean legal record and be in good standing regarding financial obligations.

2. Financial Requirements:

    • Minimum Investment: The exact minimum investment amount required for an Investor Visa may vary, but it generally involves a substantial capital commitment. This investment is typically designed to stimulate economic growth and job creation in Bahrain.

    • Financial Solvency: Applicants should demonstrate their financial solvency to support their investment and living expenses in Bahrain. This may include providing evidence of personal or business financial statements, bank guarantees, or other financial assets.

    • Business Viability: If the investment involves establishing or acquiring a business in Bahrain, applicants must present a viable business plan that outlines the potential for growth, job creation, and contribution to the local economy.

3. Documentation Needed:

To apply for an Investor Visa in Bahrain, applicants are typically required to submit a comprehensive set of documents. These may include:

    • Valid Passport: A valid passport with a minimum 6 months validity period.

    • Investment Details: Detailed information about the proposed investment, including the type of investment, its location, and the amount to be invested.

    • Business Plan: If applicable, a well-documented business plan that outlines the nature of the business, its objectives, financial projections, and its potential impact on the Bahraini economy.

    • Criminal Record Check: A clear criminal record check or police clearance certificate from the applicant’s home country.

    • Financial Statements: Personal or business financial statements, including bank statements and evidence of financial solvency.

    • Health Certificate: A medical certificate indicating that the applicant is in good health and free from contagious diseases.

    • Passport-sized Photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs as per the specified requirements.

    • Application Forms: Completed visa application forms, as provided by the Bahraini authorities.

It’s essential to note that specific requirements and processes may evolve over time, so it’s advisable to consult with the Setup Bahrain is a qualified Business advisor for the most up-to-date and accurate information on applying for an Investor Visa in Bahrain. Meeting these requirements is a crucial step towards obtaining the visa and embarking on your investment journey in Bahrain.

Investment Opportunities in Bahrain:

Various Sectors: Bahrain offers investment opportunities across diverse sectors, including:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Renewable Energy


Growth Potential: The Kingdom of Bahrain provides a favorable business environment with stable policies, strategic location, and a skilled workforce. It has a strong focus on innovation, making it an attractive destination for investors seeking growth and market access in the Gulf region.

Application Process for Investor Visa:

  • Step-by-step guide: To get an Investor visa in Bahrain, an individual can register a company in Bahrain or purchase shares of an existing company in Bahrain.

    1. Submit the required documents and application forms.
    2. Pay the relevant fees.
    3. Await application processing and approval.
    4. Schedule and attend any required interviews.
    5. Complete any necessary medical examinations.
    6. Receive the investor visa upon approval.
  • Processing times:

    • Processing times can vary but typically range from several weeks to a few months, depending on the completeness of your application and the specific circumstances.
    • how ever Our company formation specialists can get you an investor visa in 25-35 working days.

Types of Investor Visas in Bahrain:

Two Distinct Types for Entrepreneurs and Investors

The Bahrain Investor Visa presents aspiring individuals with two distinct types tailored to meet their specific entrepreneurial and investment needs. Let’s delve into the details of each category: 

  1. Businessman Visa:
    The Businessman Visa is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who are eager to establish and operate their own business in Bahrain. This visa category empowers individuals to bring their innovative ideas to life, contributing to Bahrain’s thriving business landscape. By obtaining the Businessman Visa, entrepreneurs can actively engage in business activities, create job opportunities, and make a significant impact on the local economy.

  2. Investor Visa:
    The Investor Visa caters to individuals seeking to invest in Bahrain’s promising ventures and projects. This visa category welcomes international investors who are keen on capitalizing on the country’s economic growth potential. By acquiring the Investor Visa, investors gain the opportunity to make substantial financial contributions, fueling the development of various sectors in Bahrain. Additionally, this visa category offers investors the flexibility to explore diverse investment opportunities and actively participate in the country’s investment ecosystem.

LMRA Investor visa, often called Businessman visa in Bahrain is issued by LMRA Bahrain after approval from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce & Tourism and NPRA

Both the Businessman and Investor Visa categories reflect Bahrain’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, attracting international talent, and promoting economic prosperity. Whether you aspire to establish your own business or seek investment opportunities, the Bahrain Investor Visa provides a gateway to unlock your entrepreneurial and investment potential in this dynamic and investor-friendly nation.


Essential Documents Requirements for the Bahrain Investor Visa:2023

Simplifying the Process

To obtain the coveted investor visa in Bahrain, it is crucial to fulfill specific requirements outlined by LMRA Bahrain (Labor Market Regulatory Authority) and NPRA (Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs). Let’s explore the key documents necessary for a smooth application process:

  1. Copy of Passport:
    A valid copy of your passport is required to establish your identity and ensure your eligibility for the investor visa. Please ensure that your passport is valid for the duration of your intended stay in Bahrain.

  2. Copy of Commercial Registration Certificate:
    As an investor, you will need to provide a copy of your Commercial Registration (CR) Certificate. This document validates your business ownership and highlights your involvement in entrepreneurial activities within Bahrain.

  3. Copy of GAMCA Medical Certificate (If Outside Bahrain):
    If you are applying for the investor visa from outside Bahrain, a copy of your GAMCA (Gulf Cooperation Council Approved Medical Centers Association) Medical Certificate is required. This certificate ensures that you meet the health standards set by the authorities.

  4. Copy of Office Electricity Bill (EWA):
    To further support your application, include a copy of your Office Electricity Bill issued by the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA). This document serves as proof of your business establishment and its ongoing operations.

  5. Copy of Commercial Registration Extract:
    Include a copy of your Commercial Registration Extract, which provides detailed information about your business, such as its legal structure, authorized signatories, and registered address. This document reinforces your business’s legitimacy and strengthens your application.

  6. Copy of Previous Resident Permit (If Applicable):
    If you have held a previous resident permit in Bahrain, it is essential to provide a copy of it to facilitate the visa application process. This enables the authorities to verify your previous residency status, if applicable.

The Benefits of the Bahrain Investor Visa

The Bahrain Investor Visa offers a wide range of benefits to individuals who successfully obtain it. Let’s delve into the advantages that await you:

  1. Businessman Status: Gain esteemed businessman status, establish your own business, contribute to Bahrain’s economic growth, and create job opportunities.

  2. Multiple Entries: Enjoy unrestricted multiple entries to Bahrain, ensuring seamless business operations and networking opportunities.

  3. Family Residency : With the Investor Visa in Bahrain you can get your family residency easily.

  4. 1-Year Multi-Entry eVisa for Saudi Arabia: Benefit from a 1-year multi-entry eVisa for Saudi Arabia, facilitating easy travel between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for expanded business opportunities.

  5. Easy Entry to Gulf Countries: Explore business prospects and expand your entrepreneurial horizons in other Gulf countries, leveraging the dynamic markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

  6. Enhanced Networking Opportunities: Access a vibrant business community, connect with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and officials, fostering partnerships and collaborations.

  7. Supportive Business Environment: Leverage Bahrain’s investor-friendly policies, tax advantages, government grants, and subsidies to maximize your business success and ROI.

benefits of investor visa in bahrain flow chart

Bahrain Investor Visa fees for 2023:

Annual Cost:
The Bahrain Investor Visa carries an annual fee of BHD 172. This fee includes Basic Health Care fees of BHD 72 and an LMRA fee of BHD 100. The investor visa can be obtained for either 1 year or 2 years, providing flexibility to suit your business needs.

Renewal Cost:
For those seeking to renew their investor visa, Bahrain offers options for 6-month, 1-year, or 2-year renewals. The renewal fees are as follows:

  • 6 Months: BHD 86
  • 1 Year: BHD 172
  • 2 Years: BHD 344


Monthly Fee:
In addition to the annual and renewal fees, there is a monthly fee of BHD 5.00 associated with the investor visa. This fee ensures the continuous benefits and services provided throughout the duration of the visa.

Bahrains Immigration Policies for investor visa

Bahrain's Immigration Policies:

  • Approach to Immigration:

    • Bahrain maintains an open and investor-friendly immigration policy, actively welcoming foreign investors and skilled professionals.
    • The country emphasizes attracting talent and capital to foster economic growth and diversification.
    • Bahrain’s immigration policies aim to create a conducive environment for investment and business development.


How can I get an Investor visa in Bahrain

To secure an Investor Visa in Bahrain, the most straightforward route is through company formation. By establishing a company, you can obtain the investor visa and enjoy the benefits of residing and conducting business in Bahrain. Here’s how you can proceed:

Company Formation: Bahrain offers an attractive environment for foreign investors, allowing 100% foreign ownership in more than 350 types of businesses. Setting up a WLL (With Limited Liability) company in Bahrain is a popular choice for obtaining an investor visa. As we are company formation agents in Bahrain, we are  specialize in assisting entrepreneurs like you in this process.

Expert Assistance: Our team of dedicated company formation specialists can guide you through the entire process, making it hassle-free and efficient. With our expertise, we ensure a smooth application process, typically taking 25-35 working days to obtain the investor visa.

Seamless Visa Acquisition: Through our services, Setup Bahrain can facilitate the acquisition of your investor visa in Bahrain. We handle the necessary paperwork, liaise with relevant authorities, and navigate the intricacies of the application process on your behalf.

By partnering with Setup Bahrain, you can confidently pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations in Bahrain while enjoying the benefits of the investor visa. Our expertise in company formation and visa acquisition ensures a seamless and efficient process, allowing you to focus on building and growing your business in this thriving business destination.

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